Wry Crips is a Berkeley-based disabled women's reader's theater group. It began in the early 1980's, has had several performances over the years, was dormant for several years and got revitalized by one of the original founders, Patty Overland, in early 2011. Wry Crips worked on one piece all year to produce a performance in November of 2011 that was attended by almost 100 people on a beautiful afternoon. (You can see youtube clips of the performance and 
blogsite contains information- both links are below).

For anyone who's on facebook, please go to the FAN PAGE for WRY CRIPS and click on LIKE to show your support:

 Sunday July 15 & 29  and August 12 & 19 

 and Sept. 9      2 - 4 pm.

You must contact Patty directly by phone: 
510.705.8895 Patty Overland  

(between 10 am & 6pm) 
Wry Crips is open for new members NOW.

Meetings will be necessary to get through all the member's writing materials, selection of the production theme, and then rehearsals leading right up to the production. A theme is being chosen this next meeting on Feb. 26.

Qualifications for Wry Crips Members:

1) Females 18 and over who identify and have grown up as female and identify strongly with their either hidden or visible disability.

2) Older Females (30-and-up) who have lived their lives as females for 100% of their adult lives, and identify as female and strongly with their either hidden or visible disability are welcome.

3) Either of the above who also write prose, poetry, short stories, plays and more.

4) Participants must live in the Berkeley area or be able to get to the meetings and rehearsals on time and stay for the full amount of time (2 hours each meeting X twice-a-month).

5) Wry Crips is open to deaf women or hearing impaired women, but that participant would need to provide a sign language interpreter for the meetings. (One will be provided for performance time come November).

6) Wry Crips is seeking a committed director who has had experience equal to working on a minimum of one production prior-to, or, needs to fill out more experience in their resume, or a more experienced director who might be looking for a passion project to work on.


If you are interested or know someone who is, please have them call Patty Overland at: 510.705.8895 Between the hours of 10 am and 5 pm Tuesday through Friday ONLY - or email

Watch for new developments on facebook and at the blogsite: