WRY CRIPS exists to nurture the neglected dreams & talents of disabled women. We are open to all disabled women who want the opportunity to work & learn with other disabled women.
Beth Smith and Patty Overland rehearsing

Founded in 1985 by Patty Overland, Judy Smith and Dr.Laura Rifkin.
Wry Crips' first performance was in March, 1986 and was attended by over 200 enthusiastic women.
Patty Overland is beginning a new version of Wry Crips and looking to start with working on a lot of the material that already exists within the vast catalogue created years ago by early members of the group.

Wry Crips is looking for actors and writers - no prior experience necessary. We are also looking for ASL interpreters and directors who've had at least some experience and/or knowledge of directing.

OPEN TO 18 and Up.